Countdown of Awesome: Internet Explorer, Red Stripe and Stella face off

5 December 2012

This week’s awesomeness includes IE explaining how it sucks just a little less now with IE 10, Red Stripe ‘hacking’ a cornershop to deliver spontaneous Carribean vibes and Stella Artois offering us a Facebook app to deliver a cool festive cheer to your virtual friends at their actual location.

Number 5) Browser you love to hate
Last, but far from least, in this week’s chart is a viral to help make us think that with Internet Explorer 10, IE maybe doesn’t suck quite as much as we used to think. The self-deprecating tone is not something you’d expect from the global software giant and its 1.6m views in less than a week prove it’s quite captivating.

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Number 4) Bus stop fights SAD
To help fight Seasonal Effectiveness Disorder (SAD), an energy company in Northern Sweden has installed lights fitted with phototherapy tubes at 30 bus stops around the city. Given I remember there being less than 4.5 hours daylight when visiting there, it’s got to be a very smart idea!



Number 3) Red Stripe Music in the Cornershop
Next up is a clever ‘hacked cornershop’ by Red Stripe to add some spontaneous Carribean vibes into the lives of its East London punters.

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Referred by @RobertBellamy

Number 2) Denon visYOUalizer
To promote its range of new headphones, Denon used facial mapping via Kinect to create a kind of 3D audio visualisation of your very own head, which grooves along with your tunes. A little strange, but pretty cool all the same, particularly when they decided to take it to night clubs.

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Number 1) Stella Artois Holiday Carole
In premature bout of festive spirit, this week’s Number 1 goes to Stella’s Holiday Carole. The good auld Facebook app / Google Maps mash-up routine may have been rolled out before, but this is well produced and the jazzy Xmas delivery gives it a fine veneer of cool. Well worth forwarding on to your 150 Facebook friends and saving the bother of postage anyway…


Via @Adverblog

That’s it for this week. If anything screamingly awesome has been missed out, let us know in the comments below. Or feel free to ping any recommendations for next week to @jamescfilmer.

James Filmer
Chief Innovation Officer

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