Countdown of Awesome: Drunken videos, talking windows and likeable shops

4 July 2013

This week we check out The Moones interactive drunken video, Sky’s invasive talking train window and just what everyone needs – a physical Like counter.

Number 5) Molson’s Canadian-only beer fridge
Molson’s, the Canadian beer brand, stuck a prominently branded beer fridge in locations throughout Europe that could only be unlocked by Canadians. Cunningly, a message on the fridge invited real life Canadians to prove their citizenship by inserting their passport into the fridge. ‘Hey presto’, the fridge door opens to reveal a fridge full of beer them to hand out to a suitably enthusiastic looking 18+ crowd.

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Via Fast Company
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Number 4) Fliike – Physical Like Counter
Fliike is ‘the first physical Facebook fan counter’ so businesses can proudly display the number of people that have clicked ‘Like’ on their Facebook page within their physical store. You can get your pre-order in for a humble 300 Euros. Would fit nicely on my desk but somehow doubt that just scraping into double digits would look very impressive.


Via The Inspiration Room
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Number 3) Moones interactive drunk video
UK-based band the Moones have come up with a novel way of letting you enjoy their latest music videos by letting you choose the band’s level of drunkenness. Choose between sober between 20 and an impressive 80 beers in. At 20 there seems to be a slight improvement in joviality, but past then it all inevitably goes  very downhill...

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Via Inspiration

Number 2) Talking Windows
The Talking Windows stunt from BBDO Dusseldorf has been getting a fair amount of publicity this week. It’s a very smart piece of technology that sends inaudible vibrations through a window pane, which if you’re nearby become audible sounds. The scenario tapped into for advertising was that of unsuspecting commuters resting their weary heads against the train window on their journey home. No doubt if used by an NGO to encourage people to wake up and consider a worthy cause there would have been a less negative reaction. Unfortunately it was just used to flog Sky TV to people who probably thought they were managing a moment’s respite.

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Via Adnews
Referrer Dave Haddad

Number 1) Fire Blanket Calendar
In South Africa, paraffin fires within shantytowns kill over 200 people a year. Draft FCD Cape Town had the smart idea of turning energy company Engen’s annual paraffin-safety calendar into an actual fire blanket. With a quick shake, the calendar unfolds into a flame-retardant fire blanket four times its size, ready to suffocate a fire as it starts.

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Via DraftFCB
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That’s it for this week. As ever, if anything screamingly awesome has been missed out, let us know in the comments below. Or feel free to ping any recommendations for next week to @jamescfilmer.

James Filmer
Chief Innovation Officer

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