Countdown of Awesome: Creepy mo's and more crazy Old Spice

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Countdown of Awesome

Countdown of Awesome

Countdown of Awesome

Welcome to the Countdown of Awesome. UM's Tom DiSapia and Robert Bellamy bring you a lofty and overly-ambitious attempt at a chart that subjectively counts down the most interesting stuff from the last week.

Much in store this week, social media Fat boy slim montage to crazy 8bit HTML5 games, get ready.

Number 5) Halo 4 TV Ads feature real gamers.
Inviting fans to participate in campaigns is nothing new but when it’s done well and with scale it can really pay off. Here we see Halo 4 inviting its biggest fans to feature in its next big tv ad. Contestants sign up via Facebook, with a bit of cowboy math it looks like they have nearly 4632 people sign up and share. Mobilising hardcore fans to become advocates has a massive effect on their casual gamer friends, I think this will do really well.

Via Digital Examples

Number 4) Social media stats for 2012
Accompanied by Fat Boy Slim, I’ve said enough. Here are the latest social media stats of 2012, good for everyone to keep on top of. My favourite, “What happens in Vegas stays on… Facebook”.

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Via Digitalbuzzblog

Number 3) Global Giving: The lost choir
Its difficult for charities to just get their message across during the cluttered holiday season. This powerful execution by GlobalGiving does more than that. A simple concept, with a clear message, pulled off brilliantly.

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Via Adverblog

Number 2) Calvin Harris: ‘18 Months’ album app
We keep hearing the music industry is on its knees due to piracy. We keep hearing that getting people to engage with your app is becoming increasingly difficult. Calvin Harris shows us all how it’s done by releasing his latest album for free as an app. The only catch is that you have to be dancing. The perfect way of amplifying brand essence with technology. Click here to download the app.


Via Springwise

Number 1) Shared spot for number one
Old Spice: Save the world game
A pretty random and hilarious game from Old Spice. Built in nostalgic 8bit, straight to your browser. Learn from ‘Science’ the bear (‘I am a hyper intelligent bear with a keen fashion sense and a firm grasp of the English language’) and cure America of Gangnam fever.

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Via Digitalbuzzblog

Movember: David’s big problem
You just have to see this one, it’s great. Using a brilliantly irreverent tone whilst turning on its head the one thing that prevents so many men from taking part in Movember – the fact that they will make themselves look creepy…

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Via Inspiration

Fair to say it has been a great week full of clever, interesting and innovative ideas. Have we missed anything? What is your favourite this week?

Big thanks to UM's junior strategist Rob Bellamy for being the contributing editor of this week’s blog.

If anything screamingly awesome has been missed out, let us know in the comments below. Or feel free to ping any recommendations for next week to @jamescfilmer.

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