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Newsmaker: Louise Bannister

While a lot of magazine titles are hitting the panic button, Frankie's Louise Bannister is keeping her foot on the accelerator. Damian Francis finds out how. more »

The Big Picture: Blind date with big data

Marketing is being flooded by a suite of new data-rich tools and technologies that will redefine how advertising agencies operate. Duncan Craig investigates how it could pan out. more »

The Sell: Wayne Arnold

Profero head honcho Wayne Arnold reveals how and why he decided to build a global independent agency. Damian Francis reports. more »

Editor's Letter: Massive month for mags

Are the latest circulation and readership figures a sign that magazine are finding their place? Damian Francis sees light at the end of the tunnel. more »

The Big Picture: Batting for brand growth

Australians love their sport – it drives the national discourse. John Davidson takes a look at the local sponsorship market to see how the sector is changing and which brands are leading the way. more »

Newsmaker: Bill Woods

At the end of 2012, Network Ten shed some of its most experienced journalists. Prime time news anchor Bill Woods was one of them. Damian Francis tracks him down. more »

Editor's Letter: Cultural Cringe

What's all this about culture in agencies? Damian Francis asks, does anyone actually know what it is? more »

The Marketer: Scott Usitalo

He was Kimberly-Clark's first global marketing boss and now he's back to head up the local operation. Paul McIntyre talks to Scott Usitalo. more »

The Sell: Andrew Livingston

Initiative boss Andrew Livingston caused more than a few ripples in the industry last year when he revealed plans to boost his agency's billings by $200 million in three years. David Blight gets the latest. more »

The Marketer: Andrew Cox

How do you keep a long-standing campaign based on humour fresh after nine years? Meat and livestock Australia's Andrew Cox bleats his secrets to Wenlei Ma. more »

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