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Newsmaker: Kate Vale

Music streaming service Spotify celebrates its first birthday in the Australian market next week. Kate Vale talks to Frank Chung about music, brands and travelling vans. more »

Editor's Letter: Pressing print

There are no safe bets in the magazine world, but there are bets with long odds that could pay off handsomely for those willing to try, writes Damian Francis. more »

The Marketer: Kevin Goult

It’s a crowded car market in Australia, but despite this Audi has reinvented itself with an array of intriguing models. Damian Francis speaks to Kevin Goult. more »

The Sell: Justin Drape, Scott Nowell and Mark Green

They’re the independent that few brands don’t want to work with, and their cachet just became much greater after winning the top gong at the AdNews awards. so what’s next? Damian Francis sits down with three of the partners, Justin Drape, Scott Nowell and Mark Green. more »

The Marketer: Matthew Ball

The former mobile king hit bedrock, but it’s shaping up to begin the climb. Damian Francis spoke to managing director Matthew Ball. more »

The Sell: Darren Spiller

He’s learning Italian, designing a garden in the country, runs daily, has five teenagers and, oh yeah, leads a creative department. DDB Melbourne’s Darren Spiller sits down with Wenlei Ma. more »

Newsmaker: Inez Albert

The Economist is one of the longest-serving magazines in history. Now it’s pushing into a digital, paywalled world and has Australia in its sights. Damian Francis gets the bottom line from Inez Albert. more »

Editor's Letter: Another big dose of reality

As the reality TV season kicks into high gear, Damian Francis explains his confusion in more than 140 characters. more »

The Big Picture: Rocking our world

The global RockCorps project is making sound waves around the world. Paul McIntyre talks to the former private equity guy turned chief executive, Stephen Greene. more »

The Sell: In your face, churn

You may know about her past. You may also know about her goals for Mindshare. But after AdNews broke the story of her promotion to chief executive, Katie Rigg-Smith told us a few things you didn’t know about her. She spoke with Damian Francis. more »

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