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Newsmaker: It’s all about

We are in the middle of the consumer age where the individual reigns supreme. Brands may say they understand the consumer, but many are overcomplicating the issue, argue Megan Brownlow and Marcel Fenez. Damian Francis reports. more »

Editor's Letter: Of birds and worms

PwC suggests you invest early in future trends even if revenue is not there yet, writes Damian Francis. Guess who is taking its advice? more »

The Sell: Visual Jazz hands-free

Mitchells bought Visual Jazz. Aegis bought Mitchells. Dentsu bought Aegis. But when it comes to Konrad Spilva, no network will stop him speaking his mind, as Damian Francis finds out. more »

The Sell: Back your own IP

You probably haven’t heard of them but Anthony Farah and Michael McKeon are building a business model most agency bosses dream of. They’re designing and launching their own products at the same time as working with blue-chip marketers. Paul McIntyre takes a peek. more »

The Big Picture: Digital zealotry is blinding the industry. Get real!

Marketing types are obsessed with being ‘progressive’ in social media and consumer brand engagement, but they’re headed for a train crash. The realisation is growing that consumers really don’t care about deep involvement with brands. Paul McIntyre reports. more »

Editor's Letter: The more things change...

Hold on, Twitter isn’t what it seems to be and publishers are investing in magazine redesigns? Damian Francis tries to get his head around the craziness. more »

The Marketer: Game on

Physical media dying? Gaming is just for kids? Wrong! The console is still king, and Microsoft is set to let loose its new steed, the Xbox One. Jeremy Hinton speaks to Damian Francis. more »

Editor's Letter: Now for something completely different

The new-look AdNews is leaner, sharper and hopefully more engaging. The market is tough, but we’re digging our heels in, writes Paul McIntyre. more »

Newsmaker: The IT guy has landed

What the hell is a bloke from Oracle, an IT geek freak, doing in Newsmaker? Short answer: the geeks are taking over. But even Michel Van Woudenberg needs marketing teams and agencies to make this new fusion of IT and marketing sing. Paul McIntyre gets an inside run. more »

Editor's Letter: Youth revolution

The cries of ‘too many agencies’ have died down. The time is ripe for young go-getters to take the leap and start their own business, writes Damian Francis. more »

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