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Editor's Letter: Can’t get you out of my head

We may just need machines in our heads to cope with cognitive overload from an ever-increasing onslaught of targeted ads, writes Paul McIntyre. more »

Editor's Letter: Pirates are people too

Calling people who pirate TV content ‘thieves’ ignores the problem. History shows people are more than happy to pay if there’s a better alternative, writes Wenlei Ma more »

The Marketer: It’s bloody Budget, love

Australia has a love-hate relationship with the tagline, but for Jonathan Kerr, it’s music to his ears. Damian Francis finds out if he’ll ever stop playing it. more »

The Sell: Are you being served?

Charles Vallance thinks we’re looking to a full-service future with a twist. And he does care to elaborate. Damian Francis listens up. more »

Newsmaker: The Dom

Dominic Proctor has $90 billion in media budgets to allocate annually – $25 billion in digital. He hinted something very big was going down during a visit to Australia last month and a global $35 billion mega-merger between Publicis and Omnicom followed. Paul McIntyre, however, missed the tip. more »

Editor's Letter: Kudos to the creators

Anyone can do content. The trick is doing good content. Now more than ever the creators are getting the kudos, and deservedly so, writes Damian Francis. more »

The Power 50

Get ready for a massive shake-up in the power players of the Australian media industry. This year it’s all about the front-facing people’s people, not the execs who sit behind closed doors counting their coins. And like never before, content truly is king. more »

The Big Picture: Do you want fries with that?

Regulation may not be the sexiest topic in the world, but unfolding developments in the kids marketing space could have a major impact on big-name brands like Kellogg’s, Sanitarium, Nestlé and Wrigley. David Blight investigates. more »

The Marketer: Seeing Red on social

Rarely does Facebook roll over for anyone but with 600 million fans worldwide, Manchester United is different. Jonathan Rigby makes no apologies for not being ‘pressured’ into social media – or big data for that matter. Paul McIntyre reports. more »

Editor's Letter: Brand socialism

The Twitter revolution for brands may well be real, but perhaps not in the way they thought, writes Brendan Coyne. more »

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