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Newsmaker: Nate Elliott

Facebook nemesis, Forrester’s Nate Elliott, is predicting, and pushing, a radical overhaul of the current media and creative agency models. It might not be pretty, writes Frank Chung. more »

The Sell: Technology, speed, scale

If everything is digital, how do agencies provide something the rest can’t? Tribal Worldwide Sydney reckons it has the answer. Brendan Coyne reports. more »

Editor's Letter: Fail and fail again

Slow and steady no longer wins the race. These days winners have to try, fail and try again – and do it quickly, writes Frank Chung. more »

The Big Picture: Emotion is back

Millward Brown and the global market research establishment is on the cusp of a “death match” – a crop of maverick researchers like BrainJuicer’s John Kearon are turning the advertising establishment upside down with new models that trash rational advertising in favour of crazy, pure emotion. And they have Nobel Prize winning economics and behavioural science behind them. Paul McIntyre walks the plank. more »

Editor's Letter: Dick, data and duff content

Philip K. Dick was onto something. As big data becomes mega data, maybe it’s time for a softer approach, writes Brendan Coyne. more »

The Big Picture: Law - Australian marketers too conservative

The Americans are coming, says the new-world creative boss at R/GA, Nick Law, but they’re without the baggage of comfortable duopolies and cushioned competitiveness that thrive Down Under. Paul McIntyre reports. more »

The Marketer: David and Goliath - The gulf between big business and SMEs

Big businesses and SMEs are worlds apart. Turnover, marketing budgets and everything in between. The Marketer this week takes a look at the view from both sides. Tara Lordsmith moved from Simplot to work with small enterprises and Suey Cooper is putting her best foot forward, transitioning niche brand Vivobarefoot into a bigger player. Rosie Baker reports. more »

Newsmaker: Machines and minds merge

The most popular speaker on the global TED circuit landed in Australia this month for a flying visit to address hundreds of STW staffers on creativity – and a packed lunch of blue-chip marketers. Paul McIntyre was fascinated by Sir Ken Robinson’s take on the future of technology merging with the human mind within 20 years. Reality bytes. more »

Editor's Letter: Don’t be afraid to kiss and tell

The ‘First Kiss’ viral video shows the strength of understated branding, but many marketers are still scared to pull back, writes Rosie Baker. more »

Editor's Letter: Can’t get you out of my head

We may just need machines in our heads to cope with cognitive overload from an ever-increasing onslaught of targeted ads, writes Paul McIntyre. more »

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