Wow! The ad industry sure used to be sexist

Whatever misgivings you might have about the state of the current advertising industry, you can't deny that we have certainly come a long way from the horribly sexist ads of years past. Or have we?

From time to time someone will compile a list of sexist ads from the past, but the latest one published on The Vine seems to take the cake.

It shows 101 cringe-inducing print spots which show an industry and a wider culture which clearly had a lot to learn about equality.

Slogans like 'Her careless talk costs lives' and 'Christmas morning she'll be happier with a Hoover' should make any modern person shudder.

While many would argue that messaging in today's advertising has progressed a great deal, there are many who believe modern marketing still contains "covert sexism". Last year, an anonymous blogger (here's a hint, she is an AdNews journalist and her initials are WM) wrote a piece denouncing sexism in modern advertising.

Below you'll find a few of the worst. What do you think? Has the modern advertising industry come a long way?

Sexist ads

Sexist ads


Sexist ads


Sexist ads

Sexist ads


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