Which of the 36 faces of Facebook are you?

By By Wenlei Ma | 14 November 2012
The Techno-Noob.

As Facebook climbed over one billion users worldwide, you might have thought there were endless characters on the social network. However, Soap Creative has posited there are only 36 types.

Whether you're about to recognise something disturbing in yourself or your loved ones, a perusal of the 36 types of people on Facebook will surely bring a smirk, a cringe or a guffaw to your day.

Check out tribes such as the 'The Moral Highgrounder', a species prone to crusades, or 'The Client-Terrifying Advocate', liable to send anyone scarping off in the other direction. Or what about 'The Entitled', those clamouring for freebies or compensation just because they deemed themselves worthy to visit your page.

And there's our personal favourite, 'The Techno-Noob', a Luddite of the highest order who's still wondering why that Geocities link doesn't work any more.

But before you venture off to peer into this zoological collection of Facebookians, heed the words below from Soap:

“Like any large ecosystem, Facebook's billion-strong audience presents a fascinating glimpse into the sheer variety of fans that swarm to brand pages like African fauna around a watering hole. While many are relatively benign, and some are downright pleasant, there do exist various types that have the potential to drive one to drink. Come now as we draw back the curtain on Facebook fans and examine the good, the bad and the ugly of social media.”

Click here to unveil the wonders.

Which face of Facebook are you? Let us know in the comments below.

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