The most sexist ads of all time: Part two

Yesterday's instalment of controversial ads not enough for you? Then you're in luck as today we're bringing you part two. Draftfcb's creative director Simon Edwards takes the stage to bring us his top five most sexist ads of all time.

1) Nandos
Look, I get the correlation between a burger with two plump, juicy, mouth-watering chicken breasts and the talent in this ad, but I can’t imagine it not offending other large-breasted blondes everywhere, as it makes them look stupid as well.


2) Natan Jewellers
Here, the marketer is positioning its product as either: one half of a prostitution transaction, or a remedy for being a fat, unattractive man. Both sexist, both wrong. The last time I saw jewellery look this cheap, I was playing with my Disco Ken doll.

Sexist ads

Sexist ads

3) Mr Legg's Men's Slacks
The copy claims that once your woman spots you wearing these classy strides, she’ll lay down so you can walk all over her. And when they say “all over”, that clearly includes her head. But here’s a question: if a woman is also a rug, can she still vacuum herself?

Sexist ads

4) Kenwood
Imagine living in world where you could actually say this. Sexism in its simplest, purest form. Even the wife in the ad agrees. Good wifey.

Sexist ads

5) Oven Pride
This cheap, tawdry spot makes clichéd gender-generalisations to both men and women – according to Oven Pride, men are too dumb/lazy to clean ovens, and women are sour-faced, pregnant, spouse-hating dragons. It’s a truly awful 30 seconds.

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