Subway has been attacked on Facebook after an image of an eleven inch footlong was posted on the social media site.

Subway slammed on social for sandwich size

Subway has been bombarded with comments from angry consumers after a Perth man posted a picture on the brand's Facebook page showing a 'footlong' sandwich which was only eleven inches.

The image, reportedly posted on the brand's international Facebook page by Perth man Matt Corby, showed one of Subway's sandwiches with a tape measure next to it and the caption “subway pls respond”.

While Corby's posting is no longer visible on Subway's Facebook page, the Associated Press has reported that it had amassed over 100,000 likes or comments.

The image has already been shared and reposted throughout the social network, and Subway's international page and its Australian page have been inundated with comments from angry consumers, many of whom have shared their own images or stories about Subway sandwiches being undersized.

One consumer wrote on Subway's international page: “You ripped the world off Subway.”

Another said: “Subway = FALSE ADVERTISING. Learn what a foot is.”

One upset customer said: “Shorting the buns and cutting the meat quantity by 25%. Will make me think twice before going to Subway again.”

On the Subway Australia page, one person wrote: “You're a liar Subway Australia. The subs are NEVER over 12" they're ALWAYS under. Google 'subway footlong not 12 inches' and see for yourself. You're a fraud and that is why this page doesn't allow the public to post pictures and comments.”

However, not all the comments have been negative, with one person writing: “Anyone that actually got bent out of shape over 1 inch needs a life.”

Both Subway and Subway Australia have posted responses to the consumer outrage.

One such response from Subway Australia reads:  “Thanks for your feedback. Looking at the photo doing the rounds showing a slightly undersized sub, this bread clearly is not baked to our standards. We have policies in place to ensure that our freshly baked bread is consistent and has the same great taste no matter which Subway restaurant around the world you visit.

“With regards to the size of the bread and calling it a footlong, 'Subway Footlong' is a registered trademark as a descriptive name for the sub sold in Subway Restaurants and not intended to be a measurement of length. The length of the bread baked in the restaurant cannot be assured each and every time as the proofing process may vary slightly each time in the restaurant.

“We value your feedback and want to thank you again for being a fan.”

Subway's Facebook page has 19.86 million fans, while the Subway Australia page has over 476,000 fans.

The controversy has once again highlighted the increasing power of social media to place a widespread negative spotlight on a brand.

In 2012, major brands including Target, Coles, Kmart, Today FM, South Australian Tourism Commission and 2GB were embroiled in social media scandals.

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