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AdNews TV probes the industry heavyweights, marcomms directors, chief marketing officers and creative bosses about the big issues in advertising, media and marketing. AdNews videos explore the major trends and the big events.

ADNEWS TV: Caxtons - Darren Woolley, Mark Murray & Jon Bradshaw

AdNews TV's Caxtons coverage features pitch consultant Darren Woolley, CommBank's Mark Murray and Lion Nathan's Jon Bradshaw discussing agency discounting.

ADNEWS TV: Isaiah "Old Spice Guy" Mustafa on the future of media

Isaiah Mustafa, aka the "Old Spice guy", talks about Microsoft's new mobile platform and the opportunities which have come his way since shooting to fame.

ADNEWS TV: Isaiah Mustafa

Coming soon to AdNews TV: "the most talked about man on the internet". Stay tuned for more...

INFLUENCERS: Caxtons speaker Jon Wilkins on innovation in print

Caxtons speaker and Naked founder Jon Wilkins talks to AdNews TV about innovation in print advertising and the impact of the 24-hour news cycle.

INFLUENCERS: Caxtons speakers Jon Wilkins and Justin Drape on the future of print

Naked founder Jon Wilkins and Three Drunk Monkeys creative partner Justin Drape discuss the new multi-media category at the Caxtons and why print is still relevant.

INFLUENCERS: Photon's Matthew Melhuish on big agency bureaucracy

Photon Group's Matthew Melhuish talks about the pros and cons of big agency structures and bureaucracy, versus localised independent agencies.

INFLUENCERS: Photon's Matthew Melhuish outlines his plans for the group

Photon Group's Matthew Melhuish on simplifying the marketing services group's agency structure.

INFLUENCERS: Clemenger's Robert Morgan & Photon's Matthew Melhuish

Clemenger Group chairman Robert Morgan and Photon head of Australian agencies Matthew Melhuish talk about the challenges faced by large holding companies.

AdNews TV: Media Federation Awards

AdNews TV brings you a snapshot of what you missed from the Media Federations Awards

INFLUENCERS: Harold Mitchell on Vincent Bollore's ambitions

Mitchell Communication Group founder Harold Mitchell talks about French industrialist Vincent Bollore's ambitions in Aegis and how that might effect the Aegis/Mitchells deal.

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