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John Grono: We are suffering from data overload

In a video interview with AdNews, Gap Research principal John Grono argues the marcomms industry is having a tough time making sense of the data in the market.

Anthony Fitzgerald: We're doing better than Spain and Greece

In a video interview with AdNews, MCN chief executive Anthony Fitzgerald has pointed to positivity in the Australian market and argued the local industry is faring better than many markets overseas.

Henry Tajer: Constant change will strengthen the industry

In a video interview with AdNews, Mediabrands executive chairman Henry Tajer and Media Federation of Australia president Henry Tajer argues that a constant state of flux can be seen as a positive.

ADNEWS TV: Sir Martin Sorrell talks digital, emerging markets and change

Did you miss Sir Martin Sorrell's speech when he was in Sydney? Check out the nine key factors that Sorrell thinks are shaping the modern marcomms industry.

AdNews Challenge: Sponsor Training Session

We thought you might like to see footage of media execs puffing and panting, so we compiled a video of AdNews Challenge sponsors being put through their paces at the official training session last week.

Neuro Testing: Tooheys Extra Dry

Lion's Tooheys Extra Dry 'Nocturnal Migration' TVC neuro tested.

Neuro Testing: Chipotle

Chipotle's 'Back to the Start' TVC neuro tested.

Neuro Testing: Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen's 'Cross Country' TVC neuro tested.

Neuro Testing: Canal+

Canal+'s 'The Bear' TVC neuro tested.

Neuro Testing: Hahn SuperDry

Lion's Hahn SuperDry 'Super In, Super Out' TVC neuro tested.

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