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AdNews TV probes the industry heavyweights, marcomms directors, chief marketing officers and creative bosses about the big issues in advertising, media and marketing. AdNews videos explore the major trends and the big events.

ADNEWS TV: Data and broadcast TV are hooking up

Powered By Nine's Michael Branagh says new paths are being forged to align broadcast TV with data and analytics.

ADNEWS TV: The big picture for marketing, media and agency recruitment

Big data experts are being imported by marketers and agencies but social and digital staff are now homegrown, says Hourigan International's team.

ADNEWS TV: TV stars no longer resisting advertiser tie-ups

The old TV walls between church and state are crumbling. Powered by Nine's Michael Branagh explains how TV is moving beyond sponsorships and why on-air talent is becoming more advertiser friendly.

ADNEWS TV: What's going on? Nobody knows says Peter Miller

Adstream boss Peter Miller declares he has "no idea what's going on" in the market but is upbeat that something is.

ADNEWS TV: Box office to boom in 2013

Val Morgan's CEO Damian Keogh

Val Morgan's CEO Damian Keogh tells why the Box Office will rock in 2013 and gives his take on the ad market outlook for this year.

ADNEWS TV: Louise Bannister and Nicole Sheffield on future of magazines

Frankie publisher Louise Bannister and NewsLifeMedia chief executive Nicole Sheffield chat with AdNews at the Australian Magazine Awards about the future of the magazine industry, and digital and social media.

ADNEWS TV: Australian Magazine Awards highlights

Publishing luminaries including Donna Hay and Helen McCabe stare down the 'doom and gloom' ad forecasts for the magazine industry and remain optimistic about the future at the Australian Magazine Awards.

ADNEWS TV: Ita Buttrose on positivity and the future

AMA Hall of Fame inductee Ita Buttrose.

Publishing legend Ita Buttrose was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the 2012 Australian Magazine Awards. Buttrose talks about positivity, digital opportunities and what the future holds for young talent.

Ellie Rogers: Boutique agencies are best positioned for change

In a video interview with AdNews, Ikon Communications agency director Ellie Rogers has argued that in a rapidly evolving media environment, smaller agencies are best positioned to cope with change.

John Sintras: If you claim to know what's happening in the industry, you're lying

In a video interview with AdNews, Starcom chief executive John Sintras concedes the media industry is currently so action packed that is almost impossible for anyone to keep up.

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