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AdNews TV probes the industry heavyweights, marcomms directors, chief marketing officers and creative bosses about the big issues in advertising, media and marketing. AdNews videos explore the major trends and the big events.

AdNews TV: How Adidas uses fast data from its 7,600 stores in China and why traditional research is too slow

Adidas Greater China boss Colin Currie says his real rivals are H&M, Zara and Gap, not Nike.

AdNews TV: Why brands need to focus on the $2.5 trillion Millennials market now, for the future

Former Omnicom heavy and current global CMO at Acer, Michael Birkin, gives a sweeping view on the coming powerhouse Millennials demographic.

AdNews TV: Kimberly-Clark on leaning too much on media agencies as go-betweens with platform partners

Michelle Froah talks about the ROI challenge, women marketers and why brand owners might rely too heavily on media agencies.

AdNews TV: How Unilever does 'Brand Purpose'

Marc Mathieu explains how the consumer goods giant approaches brand purpose first in its strategy before pursuit of profit.

AdNews TV: Logo excess pushes luxury brands underground

Diageo Reserve's worldwide managing director James Thompson says many once booming upmarket brands are being hit hard while others are thriving.

Consumers 'think much less than we think they think' about brands - it's all emotion

Left brain-right brain is so 20th century. The marketing and media industries have got it very wrong. People make brand decisions on emotion and intuition and the thinking bit happens later.

Sir John Hegarty: Christ was a broadcaster, brands must broadcast

Twits, twats and broadcast. Sir John Hegarty's keynote at yesterday's Global Marketer Conference was a hit with delegates. Watch the highlights here.

AdNews TV: Alice Manners

IAB chief executive Alice Manners talks to Paul McIntyre about the coming year in digital.

AdNews TV: Rob Morgan is inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame

Rob Morgan is this year's inductee into the Advertising Hall of Fame. Watch the industry legend talk getting into the business, and why advertising's best years still lie ahead.

AdNews TV: Agency of the Year Awards 2013

CumminsRoss took home the top gong at the 2013 Agency of the Year Awards. Lots of other agencies won awards, too. Watch the video of the night here. It'll only take a minute.

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