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Marketing, advertising and the media is rarely targeted to, and rarely depicts, the changing face of Australia.

AdNews L!VE: Reframing Australia – a half day event in Sydney on November 15 2017 - will explore the disconnect between the industry and our changing demography, and why brands that do not adopt a more representative approach will lose.

The event will look at the cost of creative whitewashing and the business benefits of connecting to Australia’s super-diverse population. 

As the 2016 census revealed: 16.2m people live in the cities. Almost 8m live in the regions. 1 in 5 Australians speak a language other than English at home. 1 in 3 Australians in Sydney and Melbourne don’t speak English at home. 26% were born overseas. Of 6.1m families in Australia, 44.7% are couples with kids, while 37.8% are couples without children. Same-sex couples have risen by 39%.

AdNews L!VE: Reframing Australia will pull together the best representatives from the advertising and media sectors to explain how a brand, agency or comms team can reach what can only be described as a re-imagined ‘Straya.

Change is happening fast. Jump on board.





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The event kicks off at 8am with registration and a light breakfast, followed by a welcome address by AdNews Editor, Rosie Baker. 

Opening Keynote Mehreen Faruqi

We live in a country with the oldest living culture in the world and one in four of us were born overseas. So why doesn’t our media, parliaments of advertising, represent this? Dr Mehreen Faruqi, the first female Muslim MP to be elected to any parliament in Australia, will reflect on her experiences in politics, engineering and academia about how excluding cultural diversity is not just an oversight, it is a failure to represent or reach the clear majority of Australians who are multicultural, or value multiculturalism as a core identity. She will explain why the days of tokenism are over and why now is the right time for us all to live up to our responsibilities in shaping and showing Australia’s story.



Presenter: Hakan Harman, CEO - Multicultural NSW

Is Leichhardt really the top Sydney suburb for Italian immigrants? If you speak Arabic, where were you most likely born? And if Australia is super-diverse now, what will it look like in 10 or 20 years’ time?



PanellistTara Ford, Executive Creative Director - DDB
Panellist: Dai Le, Founder - Dawn
Panellist: Adrian Swift, Head of Content Production & Development - Nine Network
Panellist: John Turnbull, Strategy Manager - SBS
Moderator: Arvind Hickman, Journalist - AdNews

How media, TV and advertising needs to shape up, be mindful of who it is depicting, and how the representation of a more genuine Australia will better serve adland, brands, and Australia as a whole.



Former Meat Livestock Australia's Group Marketing Manager, Andrew Howie, and The Monkeys’ Scott Nowell will exclusively unveil a behind-the-scenes look at how the (sometimes controversial) MLA campaign has been built to specifically target super-diverse Australia. This ‘nuts and bolts’ presentation will be followed by a 20-minute Q&A session with the audience, hosted by AdNews Editor, Rosie Baker


Case Study 2 MC

MultiConnexions' CEO and Co-Founder, Sheba Nandkeolyar, will reveal secrets of multicultural marketing via her ground-breaking Telstra work. In her exclusive presentation, she will focus on two of the largest and most rapidly growing audiences in Australia – China and India. This is your chance to learn how mass marketing campaigns can be made relevant to these two audiences. 



Panellist: Lorraine Jokovic, CEO - LOUD Communications Group
Panellist: Georgina Lionatos, Client Services Director - MultiConnexions
Panellist: Lou Petrolo, Managing Partner - Etcom
Panellist: Masheila Pillay, Multicultural Director - Dentsu Mitchell
Moderator: Thang Ngo, Managing Director - Identity Communications

A panel of experts use the live forum to solve issues around marketing and advertising to Australia’s super-diverse population.

Let us know the problems you would like to see solved in this open, transparent and public forum. We welcome all entries, so get involved by emailing your suggestions to:



 Presenter: Cally Scivetti, Marketing & Strategy Director - Val Morgan Cinema Network





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